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udacity-dl by nzmsv

A Google Chrome extension to download videos for offline watching.


This extension is of historical interest only, is not actively maintained, and likely doesn't work anymore. Udacity is now offering their lecture videos for download at

The rest of this page shows how the extension used to work in the bad old days.


  1. Once installed, go to any Udacity course content page (the extension will activate on pages matching http://**).
  2. A new button labelled Download button should appear next to the video list.
  3. Clicking it brings up a full list of videos for the course. This can be dismissed by clicking the close button in the upper right corner.
  4. Select the unit to download and the video format you prefer.
  5. Three output formats are available:
    • Direct links to video files. These are resolved to the closest server on YouTube's CDN. Just click and download. Note: these links eventually expire.
    • YouTube links. These lead to the YouTube pages for the video. Handy for use with youtube-dl.
    • Raw representation of the direct links for feeding to wget or another batch downloader. To use these with wget, save the list of links in a text file and run:
      $ wget -i links.txt --content-disposition --trust-server-names


CC0 Public Domain


Greg Inozemtsev (